Omar Yesid Mariño

Senior Software Engineer

React Native - Laravel - Django

Solid experience in software development (since 2001).

Working now as a remote Full-Stack (frontend and backend) and mobile developer. Using ReactJS, Laravel (PHP) and Django (Python) for web apps and React-Native for mobile apps in both iOS and Android.

Skills: Django, Laravel, React-Native, Python, PHP, Javascript, Wordpress, Web Development, Mobile Development. AWS CloudFront, MySQL programming, Amazon EC2, Linux System Administration, Amazon S3, iOS programming, Android programming, Dropbox API, Google APIs, PostgreSQL programming, Ionic framework, Quickbooks, Javascript, Facebook Javascript (FBJS), NoSQL databases, CouchDB / PouchDB, Vagrant, VirtualBox, GIT, Homestead, Ngrok, Docker.


Universidad del Valle, Cali, COLOMBIA - Electronics Engineering, Dec 1998
Thesis: Modular generic programmer (hardware/software/firmware) for all Microchip PIC controller families. Mentorship by: Angel García Baños

Work Experience

BairesDev, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2022
Full Stack Developer (remote, full time)
MyFanPark, Silicon Valley, California, USA - 2019 - 2021
Mobile Application Developer (remote, full time)
Caffeine Interactive Technologies, Austin, Texas, USA - 2014 - 2019
Full-Stack and Mobile Developer (remote, on demand)
Digital Tolk, Stockholm, Sweden - 2016
Wordpress Developer (remote)
Techtivo, Atlanta, Georgia, USA - 2009 – 2014
Full-Stack Developer (remote, on demand)

Featured projects:
Unlimited Web Designs, Miami, Florida, USA - 2005 - 2009
Web Developer and SEO manager (remote employee)

English skills

Other interests

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